Michael Whitey Andrews – early Irish guitar player

Tenor guitar player Michael Whitey Andrews is primarily known for his recording work with Michael Coleman and Paddy Killoran in the 1930s.

Michael “Whitey” Andrews was born in 1902 in Cardiff, Wales to Irish parents and immigrated to the United states in 1920. He earned the nickname Whitey due to the distinctive color of his hair.

Andrews’ syncopated tenor guitar backing of “Teetotaler’s Reel” that begins Joe Flanagan’s 1933 “The Half Crown Song” demonstrates his involvement in early swing and American popular dance music. He went on to record with Michael Coleman in 1934 and Paddy Killoran in 1936. Andrews was a member of Killoran’s Pride of Erin Orchestra, playing tenor banjo as well as tenor guitar.


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1933: Joe Flanagan – The Half Crown Song

1933: Joe Flanagan – Sunshine; Off to California–Hornpipes

1934: Michael Coleman – Bonnie Kate/Jennie’s Chickens

1934: Michael Coleman – The Wandering Minstrel/Fasten the Leg on Her/Coleman’s Cross

1934: Michael Coleman – Stack of Barley Medley

1934: Michael Coleman – Tar Bolton/Longford Collector/The Sailor’s Bonnet

1934: Michael Coleman – The Men of the West/Mrs. Kenny (Waltzes)

1934: Michael Coleman – Lord Gordon’s Reel

1936: Paddy Killoran – Sligo Maid’s Lament/Malloy’s Favorite–Reels

1936: Paddy Killoran – The Geese in the Bog–Jig

1936: Paddy Killoran – Jolly Tinker/Pretty Girls of Mayo–Reels

1936: Paddy Killoran – The Lucky Penny/Coach Road to Sligo–Jigs

1936: Paddy Killoran – Roaring Mary/Maid of Castlebar–Reels

1936: Paddy Killoran – The Harvest Home/The Londenderry–Hornpipes