Easy DADGAD Guitar Intro E-Course (FREE)

Tuning your guitar to DADGAD can be a fun way to explore new sounds using an alternate tuning. Although the tuning is often used for Irish and Celtic music, DADGAD is highly versatile and can be used to make music in any genre - rock, folk, country, bluegrass, you name it!

The free Easy DADGAD Intro e-course is designed to get you playing in this tuning over the course of 5 email mini-lessons. It can be intimidating starting from scratch in a different tuning, so the goal here is to get you orientated to the new fretboard landscape without overwhelming you with a ton of chord charts and theory.

Who's the DADGAD Intro Course for?

  • Experienced guitarists interested in alternate tunings looking for a quick start
  • Beginner guitar students frustrated with tricky chords
  • Banjo, ukulele, mandolin, and other string instrument players jumping into learning guitar

What you'll learn in the DADGAD Intro Course:

  • How to get your guitar into DADGAD tuning
  • Understanding the DADGAD fretboard
  • Simple, 1 finger/1 fret chords for: D, G, and A
  • Movable chord shapes for: D, E minor, G, A, and B minor

This is the same material I'd typically teach in the first three to four in-person lessons -- get this info via email and learn DADGAD in your own home!

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