I’ve been teaching music for over ten years, and offer instruction for backing Irish traditional music on guitar and bouzouki, as well as Irish whistle lessons. I’m more than happy to help you learn to play Irish bouzouki, guitar, or tin whistle. My method focuses on developing technique through various exercises, learning tunes, and exploring various aspects of music theory.

Guitar Lessons & Bouzouki Resources

I teach Irish music by ear, so I highly recommend that my students bring along a recording device, but I often provide handouts about concepts that I cover. I teach privately and also in public classes and workshops.

Also on this page, you can find various resources that I’m compiling to help students learn about and enjoy guitar and bouzouki accompaniment in Irish music.

Learn to Play Irish Whistle and Flute

If you’re in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, I currently teach beginner through intermediate whistle and flute lessons at the Irish Fest School of Music. Contact me for more information!

Learn to Play Irish Bouzouki and Guitar

I’m also available to teach guitar and bouzouki, as well as accompaniment theory for Irish traditional music. We can explore concepts and techniques of rhythm guitar for backing Irish music, as well as bouzouki picking and strumming technique in the styles of Alec Finn and Donal Lunny.

I primarily play in DADGAD and GDAD tunings, although we can explore backing tunes in any tuning you might prefer. If you’re in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, contact me for lessons!

Irish Guitar Skype Lessons and Bouzouki Skype Lessons

I’m also available to teach Irish guitar and bouzouki accompaniment via Skype. Rates are $20 for a half-hour lesson. Contact me for details!

Get in touch if you’re interested in scheduling a group workshop.